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Clear Skies Pest Elimination

(415) 876-2808
Proudly serving the San Francisco Area! We understand the Importance of an Effective Pest Control program. Solving your pest problems while caring about our environment! With 15 years of experience, I offer a variety of Pest control, plant care, and lawn care services with maintenance schedules to fit into your busy calendar. I work with you to create the best solution for your pest and plant problems, using the most appropriate and effective products. The program's success begins with the total Cooperation of the Customer & Good Communication by the Pest Control company to the Customer. I offer a regular Pest Maintenance program that is designed to prevent Pest problems before they occur.
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CA. License - QAL # 104095 - OPR # 12188

Granite Mountain Termite & Pest Control

Granite Mountain Termite is located in the South Bay serving the greater San Francisco Bay Area and Coast. Granite Mountain Termite was founded in 2006 by David Lovelace, Owner Operator. David has been working in the termite and pest control business for over 20 years and has over 14 years experience working in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area.
LIC# 9590

Agurto Corporation PESTEC

(415) 587-6817
We specialize in pest control for hospitals & health care facilities, schools and educational institutions, hotels & resorts, foodservice providers, property managers, home owners, & apartment tenants. As a certified integrated pest management provider, We can provide sustainable reduced- risk pest control to all of our customers. Proud member of the Greenhouse Collective.